Monday, September 30, 2013

How to Recover Deleted Files from a Hard Drive in Window 7?

How Are Files Deleted from a Hard Drive in Windows 7?
Hard drive is an important part on your computer no matter what operating system it runs. Since hard drive is not a read-only device, you can delete files from it easily due to any reason. Just like what you know, you can write files to a hard drive, you can copy or cut files from a hard drive, you can delete files from a hard drive, and you can also format a hard drive. When you perform any of an operation above on your hard drive, files stored on the drive are prone to be deleted. Probably, there are many other reasons might cause you to delete files from your hard drive. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t matter that your computer is running with a Windows 7, XP or Vista OS, when files are deleted, the solution would be quite the same. Therefore, we would like to take deleted file recovery in Windows 7 for example to introduce the information about lost data recovery after deleting.

Can You Undelete Hard Drive in Windows7 for Free?
It will make deleted files recovery more difficult if you cannot find them from the Recycle Bin, but it is still possible to get back those deleted files by using Windows 7 data recovery software. By running this software, you are able to undelete your hard drive so as to retrieve lost files. The Windows 7 data recovery software supports to restore picture, videos, music, audio file, office files, PDF files, etc from all brands of hard drive like Seagate, Western Digital, Maxtor and more. With help of hard drive recovery software, you can

Download the Following Software to Recover Data
#1 Data Recovery
Software to restore data off usb drive, memory card, pen drive, hard disk, external drive etc.

How to use: best disk recovery software for step by step guide

#2 Data Recovery Software
Another chance for you to recover data from disk, card, external etc.   
How to use: Windows data recovery steps

#3 Data Recovery for Card USB - recover data from card/usb

How to use: memory card recovery tutorials 

restore those deleted files for free.
Why Do You Need to Recover Deleted Files from Hard Drive?
If the deleted files are quite important to you, you will need to restore them from your hard drive. Most people would think it ridiculous if I say it is not an easy work to restore deleted files from a hard drive because almost everyone knows that deleted files on hard drive can be restored easily from Recycle Bin. But you must have ever encountered such a problem: after you deleted files on your hard drive, you realized the mistake immediately and went to Recycle Bin to restore them, but when you open the Recycle Bin, you found there is nothing there. You may also have met with such a situation: you deleted filesfrom a hard drive, when you wanted to restore them, but the deleted files have been erased after you empty the Recycle Bin. What is worse, if you have set "Don’t move files to the Recycle Bin, remove files immediately when deleted", the deleted files on your hard drive won’t go to Recycle Bin. Anyway, if you find you are unable to restore deleted files from Recycle Bin, do you still think it easy to perform hard drive deleted file recovery?

How to Avoid Files from Being Deleted from Hard Drive due to Mistake?
Although we can advise you being careful, we cannot prevent you from making any mistake to delete files from your hard drive. Besides, if someone else uses your computer, you cannot guarantee that they won’t delete files from your computer whether due to mistake or other reasons. Therefore, in order to avoid files from being deleted from your hard drive, you can backup important files on your hard drive. In addition, you can also install a system restore program which can prevent your computer from any unwanted changes. 

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