Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Can I Recover My Data after Quick Format the Hard Disk on Windows 7?

What Will Happen after Quick Format Windows 7 Hard Disk?
Generally speaking, there is not much difference from Windows XP when you format hard disk on Windows 7 operating system. You can enable "Quick Format" option to quick format the hard disk, or disable "Quick Format" option to perform a full format on your hard disk. Whether you quick format your hard disk or full format the disk, the same result is that the data will be erased or corrupted immediately once the start the formatting. Even if you stop the formatting process before it is finished, you still cannot access any data on the hard disk any more. Although the data has been deleted when you perform the formatting option, there is a chance for you to retrieve the lost files due to formatting. Especially for users that only perform a "Quick Format" on their hard disk, the data is much easier to be restored.

Download the Following Software to Recover Data
#1 Data Recovery
Software to restore data off usb drive, memory card, pen drive, hard disk, external drive etc.

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#2 Data Recovery Software
Another chance for you to recover data from disk, card, external etc.   
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#3 Data Recovery for Card USB - recover data from card/usb

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How Can You Recover Data after Formatting?
For the purpose of recovering all lost files, you need to make sure not write more data to the formatted hard disk any more. Besides, no matter the formatting is paused in the process or is finished, you had better no longer reformat the hard disk. The reason why you need to do this is to guarantee the lost files will not be overwritten by new added data or reformatting. 

If you can guarantee that the lost files are not overwritten, you can perform the data recovery now by using data recovery software. Since your computer is running a Windows 7 operating system, the software you use should be compatible with Windows 7 OS. Windows 7 recovery software is specially designed for Windows 7 users that need help in lost data recovery. Windows 7 recovery software is not only compatible with Windows 7 operating system, but also can work perfectly under Windows XP and Vista. Windows 7 recovery software has become one of the most popular data recovery software that attracts lots of users for its free charge and powerful function.

What Is Quick Format
Format can be different types, which generally include high-level format and low-level format. Quick format is a type of high-level format, which won’t affect the device where you perform format. Quick format is a process to set up an empty file system on disk partition without checking bad sectors on the hard disk, but it will rewrite the boot record. After you perform a quick format, it only cleans the FAT so that the OS will mark the disk as empty one. This is the reason why quick format is much faster than full format. In another word, if you suspect that there are bad sectors on your hard disk, you had better perform full format instead of quick format. However, if you want to format the hard disk quickly, you can choose quick format option.

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