Friday, October 11, 2013

Windows 7 Says I Need to Format My Hard Drive

Windows 7 Wants to Format My Hard Drive
No computer can work if it doesn’t have a hard drive. Besides, you may also know a computer must run an operating system in order to work properly. Windows 7 operating system is one of the latest operating system of Windows series. However sometimes, you may encounter such a problem – when you boot up your computer, Windows 7 says that you need to format the hard drive before you can use it. What is wrong with your computer? Or is there any thing wrong with your hard drive? Let’s see a true case as shown below.

A friend of mine bought a 250 GB Seagate hard drive that is used to backup files from his Windows 7 computer. Yesterday, he bought a new laptop and installed Windows 7 operating system. Then he wanted to transfer some files from the Seagate hard drive to his new laptop, but the Windows 7 system requires formatting the hard drive before using it. The problem is that he doesn’t want to format the hard drive because he will take risk losing data on the drive after formatting.

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There Is Important Data? Cannot Format Hard Drive?
One of most common reason that leads you not to format the hard drive is that there is important data inside the drive. In addition, some people also find it impossible to format the hard drive since Windows 7 says formatting is not completed. Recovering files from a hard disk drive that needs to be formatted in Windows 7, you have no choice but to use third-party data recovery tool. Windows 7 recovery software enables you deep scan the hard drive for lost files. The software only provides read-only option so the files found by it won’t be changed or modified. After you restore and save the recoverable files, they will remain their original quality and size.

Reasons Why Windows 7 Requires Formatting a Hard Drive

When Windows 7 requires formatting a hard drive, perhaps the hard drive is not compatible with the computer, or the hard drive might be corrupted. Generally speaking, the reasons for Windows 7 requires formatting a hard drive often include =>>

Hard drive has bad sectors
Computer is infected with virus, which affect the hard drive
Hard drive is destroyed due to long time use

Helpful Resources on Windows 7 Data Recovery

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